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Cost Predictability:

We appreciate all the value that Tempo has provided our business but most of all we love the cost predictability.  We know exactly what it costs to process each form and document and now we can accurately build that number into our budget.  Before, when we were dealing with temps and pulling employees from other positions to do data entry, it was virtually impossible to predict cost.


Randy H.


Solving our data entry problem by working with Tempo cost us exactly zero dollars to get started.  This was incredibly appealing considering some of the other options ranged from $40,000 to $60,000 in software alone, not to mention the cost of training, support and maintaining current versions.

Thomas H.
Production Manager

Document Management/DataCNTR:

Tempo processes over 700,000 order forms per year for our company.  We had no idea how valuable dataCNTR would be going into this relationship.  Now, dataCNTR, Tempo’s web-based document and data management platform, is an integral part of our customer support infrastructure.  When customers call in with a questions about an order, we simply search for the order in dataCNTR and in a second we have the scanned order along with all of the data that was entered.  From there we can email the order to the customer for their reference, forward it within our company for further action, or print it.  Before Tempo, even though the order forms were scanned, it was almost impossible to the find them.


Sharon R.
Customer Service Manager


Accuracy is incredibly important to our business.  A single data entry error can cost our company hundreds of dollars, and lots more if you factor in the possibility of losing customers.  Before Tempo, we sent our documents to India for processing and the results were unacceptable.  Even though some of the writing was illegible or at best questionable, the Indian vendor could not find a solution for dealing with these fields.  They either guessed, which often resulted in errors, or left the field blank, even when we could have easily deciphered what was written in the field.  Tempo solved the problem.  Now, every morning we log in to dataCNTR and any fields that Tempo had trouble deciphering the night before is presenting to us in an easy to view screen with the an enlarged snippet of the field in question and a smaller version of the entire document in question.  We can even zoom in on the field to get a closer look and edit the field in seconds.  The savings we see from such a dramatic improvement in accuracy have far exceeded our expectations.


Matt P.
Lab Manager

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