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What do you guys do?

Simply put, solve your data problems. We capture data from various sources like paper, web, mobile, various software platforms and aggregate and integrate the data with various systems.  Our clients typically have paper forms or documents with handwritten or machine printed data on them and digital streams of data from various sources that they need entered into their database. The document s are scanned either by our customers (they never leave your office) or us, in which case we take custody of the physical documents. We do data entry from the scanned image using a multiple entry process that ensures the highest possible accuracy and provide you with a data file as soon as you need it.


Why would we use Tempo instead of doing it ourselves?

That depends. Some organizations have a low cost, efficient and accurate process where it makes good sense for them to key their data entry in-house and manage their various streams of data. Most don’t. For those that don’t, or want to focus on their core competency, they like Tempo for these key reasons: 1. Consistent, lightning fast turnaround 2. The most dependable and accurate data available on the planet guaranteed. 3. Saving Money. 4. Having access to dataCNTR. 5. Predictable per page cost. 6. Sometimes it’s just eliminating the headache of dealing with temps or pulling employees from other areas of your business to complete this critical but mundane task.



What is dataCNTR?

dataCNTR is a revolutionary cloud-based platform that provides Tempo’s customers unmatched control of their data and documents. It also enables Tempo to process your records faster, safer and more accurately than anybody on the planet.



How fast can I get my data?

How fast do you want it? How about real-time? Yup…that fast! Not only that, we can set you up and start keying your data as soon as today.



What about Security?

For security we trust the pros.  Tempo’s data, documents and software are managed on dedicated servers and cloud services.  Here are some of the physical measures taken to protect our servers and your data.

Redundant Power and Cooling

  • Power feed provided through a dedicated transformer exclusive to the data center

  • Three 500KVA UPS systems

  • 1.5MW Caterpillar diesel generator

  • 180+ Tons of AC cooling

Global Network

  • Multiple private OC-192 SONET rings: OnFiber, Qwest, ELI & Integra Telecom

  • Redundant Gigabit Ethernet-based network



Where do these forms and documents get keyed?

We leverage plants in the US, Mexico, Asia and the Caribbean. Some projects are keyed in one location and some are spread across multiple locations depending on the client's needs.



How much does it cost?

Every project is different so it’s hard to say exactly. However, we aim to provide unmatched value while giving our customers a predictable cost with no surprises and no confusing gimmicks. Call today for a quote.



What’s a high speed scanner and how does it work?

High-speed scanners are like the big copier you might have at your office or the scanner/printer you might have on your desk at home in as much as they take a picture or a document. Many home scanners also have auto feeders.. However, high-speed scanners are built for speed and to produce the best quality image.



How many forms should I need entered for your service to make sense?

Tempo has customers that send us hundreds of forms at a time or less and we have customers that send us tens of thousands of forms at a time. Either way, the same attention to detail and quality is paid to every job, no matter the volume. And your data can still be returned the same day or next day, if required. Whether or not your need Tempo really depends on how effectively you can manage your process in-house. If you’re considering any other options, Tempo will be the best solution and we’re happy to show you why.



Do you have references that I can call?

Tempo’s customer’s love us…in part because we keep our relationship and their data private. That said, many of our customers are happy to help spread the word upon request and would be willing to share their story with you.

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