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Tempo Advantage

Tempo offers a powerful and unique advantage in processing your forms and documents when compared to all other options. We offer an affordable, low risk solution that is guaranteed to be an improvement on your current process. Between our plants in the US and around the world, we process documents 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Our tenacious focus on innovation, quality and speed guarantees the highest rate of accuracy with the fastest turnaround times available.

Tempo has decades of experience in form, document and image processing. Whether it’s a hand-written form, a machine printed document or a picture of virtually anything taken on your camera phone, you will find a level of expertise in our consultative approach that you will have a hard time finding anywhere else. Our goal is your success. We can mirror your current process or work with you to reinvent your workflow to achieve cost savings and speed and accuracy improvements you probably didn’t know were possible. While the scope of most of our client’s projects are different, the goal is often the same. With that, Tempo has a wealth of knowledge on “best practices” on how to capture and manage data that helps us help our clients. We love sharing our knowledge with our clients and learning from their experience to offer the best solution available.


Tempo takes a unique approach to ensuring our clients have the highest level of accuracy possible.  Through a process that includes triple-blind data entry, expert review, and dataCNTR’s Validation queue that enables our clients to review and edit suspect data, it is virtually impossible to get more accurate data than when working with Tempo.


With zero capital investment required and a low, fixed per document cost, there’s no better way to manage your data entry cost than working with the experts at Tempo.

Low Risk

Working with Tempo is a low risk endeavor on every level. For example, an organization may consider buying software, like an OCR solution, to lower their labor costs and improve efficiencies in data collection.  These solutions costs tens of thousands of dollars and require professional services to set up, training to manage and annual maintenance.  It’s quite a commitment for a solution that ultimately may not work or meet your objective.  Tempo can have you up and running in a day or two, wiping out your labor costs, associated taxes and financial commitments with zero capital expenditure.  In the unlikely event that we’re not meeting your expectations, change course and you have lost nothing.


Some methods of automating your data collection require you to buy special forms or create specially designed forms.  We do not do that.  We can process any form in any format.  If you can see the data and enter it, our processes will likely allow us to see it and enter it better.

Cloud Control

Distributed workforces are prevalent in today’s business climate. Having the flexibility to manage, access, and interact with projects from anywhere in the world is mandatory. Leveraging the Cloud gives Tempo and our customer the control we need to do the things we do.


dataCNTR provides our clients with unparalleled quality, control, security and access to their data and documents. dataCNTR leverages “the cloud” to provide unbelievably affordable form processing with the added advantage of data and document management technology that would require an investment of tens of thousands of dollars from multiple companies to come close to what Tempo offers for free.

Customer service

Tempo understands that bringing a partner into a business critical process in your organization can be stressful, especially if you’ve been burned before. We leverage great people and cutting edge, proven technology to make sure that your project is completed to your specs. Equally important, we make sure that we know our customers and they know us. We are available to answer questions and respond to issues 24 hours a day. 

Incredibly quick time-to-production

How quick? How about as soon as today? Do you have documents stacking up? Is your current process not what you expected? Are you going to get busy right around the corner? Tempo can help you rest easy tonight. While other vendors may take weeks reviewing the scope of your project, communicating the scope via meetings at odd hours in India, china or elsewhere, handing the project from sales to a project team to engineering to write proprietary code for your workflow to testing then finally to production…while all of this is going on, you could be testing Tempo for free with no upfront cost. Would you like to compare Tempo to buying OCR software? We can help you with that too, as we have decades of experience in OCR and Pattern Recognition technologies.


Every customer has complete visibility into where each project is from the time the images are released to Tempo through the completion of the project. Clients that have come to Tempo from other vendors tell us that there previous experience was like “uploading their documents to a black hole and praying that they get the data back”. With Tempo, you can also stay on top of any project and see where we are in real-time.


Tempo makes creating reports and varied export formats from a single data set easy. Let’s say you need a .CSV file with a subset of data exported to AND you also need to export a .XML file with a different subset of data to your ERP system. We can do that simultaneously, easily and automatically.

Document Storage, Search & Retrieval

Once your documents are scanned and processed in dataCNTR, those scanned documents are stored in your secure dataCNTR account.  You can search for documents by simply typing a value into the search field, like a name, order number, group name etc.  The scanned image is presented to you in the browser and gives you the ability to zoom in for a closer look, print it, or send it as an email attachment directly from dataCNTR.

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