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For security we trust the pros.  Tempo’s data, documents and software are managed on dedicated servers and cloud services.  Here are some of the physical measures taken to protect our servers, your data and provide you with 100% up-time.


Redundant Power and Cooling

  • Power feed provided through a dedicated transformer exclusive to the data center

  • Three 500KVA UPS systems

  • 1.5MW Caterpillar diesel generator

  • 180+ Tons of AC cooling


Global Network

  • Multiple private OC-192 SONET rings: OnFiber, Qwest, ELI & Integra Telecom

  • Redundant Gigabit Ethernet-based network

  • Backbone-grade equipment: Cisco 12012 GSR, Catalyst 6509 MSFC2, Cisco Catalyst 2950G

  • 100Mb/s full duplex port or 1Gb/s port available to all servers


Advanced Fire Detection & Suppression

  • Dual-interlocking pre-action fire suppression system with zone separation

  • Customized detection systems for temperature, humidity, smoke, and particulates


24-Hour Security Plus Live Monitoring by Experienced Personnel

  • 24x7x365 closed-circuit, live video surveillance

  • Biometric access

  • Staffed 24x7x365 by senior system & network engineers

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