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Do you have data that needs to be captured and documents that need to be digitized?
Get a Free Document-to-Data Process Analysis


Tempo Solutions provides fast, accurate, remote data capture and management services.  Our Cloud-Based service eliminates the need for organizations to do data entry and relieves them of the pain and high cost associated with capturing content from paper and digital sources.  Great people, pioneering technology, and exemplary processes have helped Tempo change the way the world captures and manages data.​



Tempo’s clients prefer to focus on their core competencies rather than the mundane process of data entry.  Some Tempo clients send us tens of thousands of forms per day while others send us only hundreds.  We work as the “back-office” for some clients by processing documents for them daily, while other clients send us a single job per year.  No volume is too big or too small if you need help.  Our clients love the unbeatable service, accuracy, flexibility, expert knowledge, lightning fast turnaround time and revolutionary cloud-based platform, dataCNTR, that gives them control and access to our workflow 24/7 via any browser.  They love that there’s nothing to buy and can pay per document processed.  If you DO NOT want to feel like you are uploading documents to a mysterious black hole where your investment and trust gets you nothing but frustration and unmet expectations….talk to Tempo, we can help.

Document Management

Data Entry

Web-Based Quality 
Control & Review

Cost Predictability:

We appreciate all the value that Tempo has provided our business but most of all we love the cost predictability.  We know exactly what it costs to process each form and document and now we can accurately build that number into our budget.  Before, when we were dealing with temps and pulling employees from other positions to do data entry, it was virtually impossible to predict cost.

Randy H.

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