• Step 1 – Document Capture

    First, the source document must be digitized and uploaded.  Digitization is essentially taking a picture of the document.  This can be done by high speed scanner, standard multifunction device, fax or mobile device (camera phone, iPad, etc.).  The digital documents are then uploaded to your secure account on Tempo’s dataCNTR server.

  • Step 2 – Data Capture

    Tempo’s expert data entry operators carefully key the data from the required fields on each document.  Typically, each field will be keyed by at least two different operators and checked by a third ensuring the highest possible accuracy.   If data is suspect or illegible, the field can be flagged for customer review to ensure the customer maintains control with an easy-to-use, web-based option to review questionable data.

  • Step 3 – Quality Control

    Would you like to be able to easily review and edit data that is suspect or illegible?  Everybody knows that it is impossible to get people to write legibly on every field on every form.   Tempo understands the importance of accuracy and the high cost of errors.  With the “Validation Station”, you can login to dataCNTR and automatically be routed to form images with data that needs to be reviewed.  The field in question is enlarged on the screen and you have the option to click on a data entry attempt to accept it, enter the data yourself or click “mark field empty”.  While each customer has different requirements for accuracy, Tempo always offers the highest accuracy available and provides our customers with the option to easily review and edit data.

  • Step 4 – Data Export & Integration

    Once the data has been completed, Tempo customers export the data to countless backend systems.  It’s up to you how the data is exported and to what format.  As an example, dataCNTR can automatically export the data file to a “hot folder” on your network or seamlessly integrate the data with your backend systems. You can also manually export data and reports in various report formats from dataCNTR at any time.

  • Step 5 – Manage Data & Documents

    1. You can search for documents with a simple query
    2. Track Tempo’s progress…you never need to wonder where we are in the process.  Login and see how many forms have entered and how many are left at any time of day.
    3. Get email notifications when jobs are uploaded or when jobs are completed.  Let us know when you want to be notified and we’ll set it up.
    4. Email documents as attachments directly from dataCNTR.
    5. Build reports based on data captured